Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Proudly Out Woven by My Offspring

Son's Twill and M&O Sample
The last Saturday in March found my eldest son and I at a weaving class held at the Depreciation Lands Museum. I know, I know, you say, "Why don't you teach him yourself?" But the sad truth is I would never get around to it. Besides it has been awhile and I could use a refresher course. Just maybe it will inspire me to get more of my projects to the finish line too.

  My son has always been a natural at weaving, but the speed of which he caught on to the M&O patterns, the twill, and the double weave just blew his mom away. He was off and running (weaving,) and leaving me choking in his dust.

Mom's Twill Sample

Now, in my defense, the first loom I wove the M&O on had two separate warping mistakes. (I was glad I got that loom and not a newer weaver.) The instructor and I had to take time out to correct and minimize the mistakes.The second pattern was a twill weave. I was the only one on a table loom so the process of weaving goes much slower than on a floor loom with treadles. (Second excuse. lol)

Son's Double Weave Sample showing  weaving on upper
and lower cloth that was woven at the same time on the loom.
                                                                                                                                                By the time my son reached the double weave he had found his rhythm, sprouted wings, and was flying right along.

Son's Tubular Bag (No seams)
Double Woven

Outside  view of Son's Tubular Bag Sample

The funny part was that the instructors were so impressed they would tell me to come look at something he was doing or being taught. Can't even count the times I was totally lost as to where I was in my pattern when I returned to my loom, but what parent wouldn't want to stop and enjoy observing their "child prodigy" (Said tongue in cheek.)

Mom's Double Weave Sample Photo-bombed

       The instructors voted him their star pupil, and asked if he planned to go on to be a master weaver. He just smiled shyly and said "I doubt it."

Mom's Double Weave Sample showing  weaving on upper
and lower cloth

I would have enjoyed the day even if I didn't weave anything, because of the fellowship with the unique individuals weaving draws. However the magic of double weave has bitten me. I came home and pulled out my one and only book on it. Double weave has always amazed me because that is how they think Jesus's robe was woven. His robe had no seams, causing the soldiers to barter over it instead of dividing it. The quality and fineness of the bye gone eras of weaving is humbling.

Son's Double Weave Sample showing weaving twice the
 width of you warp.

I know that the instructors are already working on choosing three different weaving structures for next years class. Hopefully we will be able to attend. Will we see you there?
Mom's Tubular Bag (No seams) 
Double Woven