Saturday, October 31, 2015

Braintan Gift Bags

I have a habit that started long ago of making braintan bags and gifting them to others. The habit started years ago after my husband lost his job, and things were financially tight. When I needed a gift for someone I would have to make it. I had sewing skills and braintan leather available so the obvious result was making one of a kind “gift” bags. The habit has stuck even though I don’t have to give homemade gifts today. I find joy in the making of them and in the gifting of them, well, that is, unless I’m in a time crunch. These bags were given away. lol I no longer remember to who or even for what occasion. My hope is that they were a blessing to those who received them.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Lonely Sock 2011

Ok. Let me be honest, not everything I do turns out well.  Sometimes I lose momentum and objects stall and  are never finished. That is the case with this sock I designed. I really like how it turned out, however there is a major problem I never managed to knit the second one. I have a really bad habit of just knitting off the “cuff" that is making up the pattern as I go and not writing anything down. If my knitting gets interrupted for too long of a time period, it can be challenging, to say the least, to knit a matching one. By the time I got back to this one, the person I was making it for had outgrown it which resulted in lost drive to start and finish the matching sock. One lonely cool sock is not much good, anyone know of someone who would find one hand knit, wool sock a blessing?

Braintan Vest 2015

Bragging Rights. lol I promised my son a long time ago that I would make him a vest of the braintan from one of the deer he took during deer season. A lot of time passed and a few days ago he reminded me of that promise because he wanted to take it to camp to show off of course. Camp is like tomorrow!!!
So mom dropped everything to make good on her promise. (Good thing his Dad already had his deer hides tanned!) Thursday he search the web for vest pics he liked and tried on a vest we have for size. Here is what he picked so Friday I grabbed a brown paper bag and a big gift box (for making my pattern) and fabric (for sample), I was off and the timer was ticking. Trying to get it all out of one hide. Had to get a little creative and support some of the thin places. Also tried to leave growing room as it seems that he is getting taller every other day. It is definitely not an exact copy, and the front pockets will be added later. I left them out because of the time factor. But it turned out better than I thought it would with the time crunch.
Used my new industrial sewing machine, and the top stitching could be a whole lot better. (lol Still trying to get use to a new style of pedal.) But if you go by the re-enactors three foot rule it looks a whole lot better. It is not finished yet. Have to roll and trim the bottom and sleeve edges under and hand sew so they will look like the back of the neck. Plan to do that in the car on the way there. ; ) I couldn’t resist taking a pic of it before he left. Guess mom and son are alike...we both want bragging rights to this vest. Will post pics again when it is finished and has the pockets.

So here are our pictures!

 Would look even better over the right shirt! But my son is not a fan of being a model so I was lucky to get these.

That color work on the back. It has a story behind it. I decided to use the thicker leather for the back and back yoke because if the back and yoke lay nice it goes a long way to helping the front stay in position and hang right. I did not have enough leather so I split the back yoke into two pieces which would of resulted in one seam up the middle. Only Mom made a huge mistake I cut two lefts instead of a left and a right. I did not have enough leather to cut other. Frustrated I walked away, stewed on it for awhile and came back with the idea for the color work. (That way I could use smaller pieces of leather.) My Dad always use to tell me the only difference between a master craftsman and another is that they can hide their mistakes.  Not that I'm a master of anything,  still very much learning.

He carried it off well, just a slight smile, nod, and a quiet thanks when someone commented on it. One of his friends shot the biggest buck this year. (It will be his life time record I think.), so hopefully this vest goes a long way to making them even at camp ; )

A lot of prayer was going upwards as I was working on this vest. In a letter I got from him, he mentioned that he has had complaints about the smoke smell in his room. lol Trust me there are over 6 boys in that room, the last thing I would be complaining about would be a smoke smell,

The update is I never did put the pockets on the vest. It turned out so well without them my gut feeling was to stop while I was ahead.  ; )