Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Knitting From Christmas Past

Years ago when  the hands and feet of my children were smaller, knitting went so much faster. I had gotten a bunch of wool yarn on sale and decided to make all my children new mittens for Christmas. As usual it started out to be a simple pattern, but ended up much more complex with each one having their own pattern. I started out making the oldest child’s mittens first. I had to work through the “kinks” in the pattern and in my record of row keeping. Basically, in simple English, that means I turned out two mittens the same yet different sizes. Being the wonderful daughter she is, my child proudly wore them and loved them in spite of their imperfection. Lucky Mom! Unfortunately this is not the only time I have done this to her. The last pair knitted were for my youngest. Knitted one and went to get more yarn only to discover that I was out of red. (Had one less ball then I thought.) What now? Why just make the second one a different color of course. Who needs matching mittens anyways? If any of my children ever strike someone as being “different,” it might just be their mother’s fault.

These are old pictures. Please forgive the bad, shinny backgrounds. I've come a long way with my photography skills. lol There is still lots of room for improvement though. Ever learning is my motto.


Friday, January 15, 2016

21 Century Braintan Backpack

I know that many people use braintan leather for re enactment clothing, and historical projects, but sometimes it is just plain fun to bring its use into the 21 century. After watching colleges and businesses give away simple backpacks for promotional advertising and also seeing them sold at stores I got the “why not” idea of making a similar style backpack out of braintan. Of course since it is made out of leather and braintan at that, fringe became a necessity. While I am at it, l twist the fringe for a cooler look and braid a one of a kind braintan strap for it too. There are a few things I would do different on the next one, but I really like this bag.  I would of loved to bead on it, however, that would of drove the price so high I decided it was best to keep it simple. In fact it is supposed to be for sale, but I keep eyeing it up for mine. ; ) Either way is ok, because I can always make another. Wouldn’t you want one?

The second picture shows the true color, but the other pictures show better detail.