Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Stepping into the Past ( Davis Hollow Cabin)

Dear old house I wonder what stories your walls of stone and log could share about the people who proudly build you and have taken refuge in you over the years. Maybe this short, long weekend in June of 2017 our group of five Carol, Myra, Bonnie, Susan, and Liza have taken you on a trip back memory lane as we moved spinning wheels, wool picker, looms, and many other fiber related things into you for our weekend crafting get away. Your sprawling space and gracious time worn feel so added to our weekend.

Welcoming coolness of the porch

Ready to dig in

                   The days flew away all to quickly
                    as we feasted at your table
                    shared our lives with each
                    other and you.

Set up for spinning

The shade of your porch hummed with spinning wheels, the clicking of knitting needles, the swish of looms changing sheds, and the silent fluttering of the opened, cleaned wool from the picker.

loom in waiting

As we go back to our busy lives and families you will hold a cherished  spot in all our memories. Once found your stately peace and tranquility refreshed us and will never be forgotten.  We are already planning and hoping to revisit you in the years to come.

Learning pick up
Wool fresh from the picker

As we slowly walked through your hallowed walls one last time before leaving, our overwhelming thanks went out to all the silent and unseen ones who have kept you in good repair all these years so that our lives could be touched by your charm.

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